Track Assets in Real-Time

Asset visibility anywhere, anytime, on any authorized device

Both indoors and outdoors via a single pane of glass

Accuracy within 30 cm

Our Application Areas

A combination of technologies and products are integrated

with software to achieve full enterprise visibility

Outdoor Asset Tracking

Indoor Asset Tracking

Asset & Safety Monitoring

Sensors monitor temperature, humidity, shock & any tampering

Instant alerts if asset moves or other parameters set

Monitor PPE and safety compliance, dwell times to improve processes

Monitor assets on the road, their routes, and get instant notification if anything off loaded or not loaded

Mesh Network

Onsite Platform Components

Indoor Tags

  • Mass-produced tag hardware made by third parties
  • Best battery life in the industry via patented location and Extreme Low Energy (XLE) communication

Outdoor Tags

  • Cellular enabled tags transition from indoor AirFinder network to cellular networks
  • MVNO provides multi-country coverage

UI and API

  • Easy to use UI
  • All data available via easy to use integrations

Onsite Platform Components